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All Programs at Forest Crest are cancelled due to Forest Crest being closed. Coaches are outside on dry courts. To schedule a private lesson or a small group lesson please reach out to any of our coaches.

Josh Basha 206-898-9716
Shannon Nelson 480-318-2406
Glenn Delaney 425-385-8786

Adult classes are ongoing, with no session start or end dates. Use your pre-paid passes to register for the specific dates that work for your schedule. To register, find your class of interest on the calendar and click on it. Then click ENROLL. (If not signed in to your account, you'll be prompted to sign in or create an account). If you have purchased passes already, click "FINISH" to confirm your enrollment. If you have not purchased any passes yet, you will be directed to purchase a pass before completing enrollment.

Your class will now show up on your "YOUR STUFF" dashboard under "UPCOMING SCHEDULE." To WITHDRAW from the class, click on it and then click "CANCEL REGISTRATION" and "OK." The deadline for withdrawing from a class is eight hours prior to the start of the class.